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Contents copyright © 2010 by Bob Brown. All rights reserved. Quotation with attribution permitted.
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About Consulting Intelligence BriefingsSM

If your job requires you to work with external consultants, you’ll find valuable insights here. You’ll also find the specific information and techniques needed to better: identify; evaluate; select; negotiate with; engage and manage highly qualified consultants.

In Consulting Intelligence BriefingsSM -- written primarily for "C level" executives and senior managers of organizations that use external consultants -- Bob Brown shares his thoughts on how to get the best results from your consultants.  Bob reports on the emerging standards, conventions and best practices in the field of intelligent consulting management (ICM). He also discusses the trends and activities within the consulting industry that could impact consumers of consulting services like you.

About Bob Brown

Bob Brown is a recognized authority on consultants, the consulting industry, intelligent consulting management (ICM) and how organizations can get the best results from their consultants.

Prior to retiring and then founding Consulting Intelligence, Bob was a senior consultant with IBM’s Business Consulting Services.  At IBM, in addition to his consulting responsibilities, Bob held the prestigious position of CRM Subject Matter Professional at IBM’s Strategic Envisioning Center.  Concurrently, he served as a member of IBM’s Worldwide CRM Leadership Council.

A sought after speaker, he regularly lectured at customer education programs at IBM's Advanced Business Institute.  He also trained fellow IBM consultants on IBM’s proprietary consulting methods and service offerings at IBM Executive Consulting Institute locations in Asia, Europe and North America.  In addition to his consulting and internal education and training activities, Bob frequently represented IBM as a featured speaker at CRM and business process management conferences.

Today, Bob speaks at industry events on the subjects of consulting and ICM. He is often introduced as "THE consultant on consultants" or "the Chief of the Project Police."

Bob's an active member of the Project Management Institute, the Institute of Management Consultants USA, the American College of Forensic Examiners and the National Speakers Association.  He is the author of the upcoming book, “Who’s Managing the Consultants?  A client’s guide to managing -- and maximizing the return from -- their consulting resources.”

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For Bob’s National Speakers Association profile, click here.

About Consulting Intelligence, LLC

Consulting Intelligence specializes in the field of intelligent consulting management (ICM).  The firm provides a wide range of services to organizations that use external consultants – all directed to helping those organizations get the best possible results from their consultants.

For additional information, visit